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Mortgage Calculator

How much can you afford?

Buying a home usually means getting obtaining a mortgage loan. You will find a useful mortgage calculator below that will give you the monthly payments that you could expect given your particular financing situation.
If you have a more specific and detailed transaction you are thinking of please keep reading.... 

I've got a guy! (and girls!)

Have a look at the calculator below. Test it out. Contact me today and I'll get you in touch with the right Mortgage Broker for your needs. It's not all about the rate; term, amortization, payout options etc are all very important. 
Check this link for some mortgage glossary info: LINK
And don't forget to account for CLOSING COSTS!

Mortgage Calculator

Purchase Amount: Down Payment:
Interest Rate: % Payment Interval:
Mortgage Term (Years)    
Closing Costs ($): Closing Costs (%):
Loan Amount:
Interest Rate:
Payment Interval:
Mortgage Term:
Total Payments:
Total Amount Paid:
Total Interest Paid:
  Mortgage Calculator

Before you start searching, find out how large of a mortgage you can comfortably afford..

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